We repair and stretch shoes and boots. Same day show and boot polishing. Sole, heel, patching and necessary  footwear repairs given (including Birkenstock). Zipper repaired and replaced (Boots, coats, purses, luggage and backpacks).  Handbags,  Bridal and Dye able shoes sold and dyed to perfection.  Sporting equipment such as baseball mitt, golf bag repair. Tent and outdoor canvas covers repaired. Tingley overshoes sold . Numerous shoe care Products Sold: Waterproofing, polishes, laces, conditioning balms, brushes.   Foot  care product sold: Insoles, corn and bunion comfort products, heel . cushions.

Shoe Repair

Titus Ave. Shoe Service our goal is work to provide you with the best possible shoe repairs in Rochester, NY, and we meet our mission every time. Whether you are hoping to salvage your favorite pair of heels, resole a trusty pair of work boots, or revitalize the leather of your dress shoes for an upcoming formal event, we can easily handle it all. We specialize in both men’s and women’s shoe repairs, and we work with all sizes, colors, makes, brands, and materials.

zipper repair

We understand that nothing can be more frustrating than putting on a pair of pants before leaving for work or trying to close your suitcase for a weekend getaway only to discover that the zipper is broken or missing. Don't let a non-working zipper ruin your day, or worse, your vacation! If your belongings are in need of zipper repair, then you don't need to look any further than For years, we have been expertly serving the Rochester, NY area, and we would love nothing more than to help you too. Our Works: Shoes, Jackets, Dresses, Pants, Handbags, Luggage, Backpacks, And much more!


Shoe Resoling Your shoes have been nothing but reliable on family vacations and outings with friends. They served you well through those long walks home and helped you run to catch your bus each morning when you were inevitably late for work. Now, it's time to return the favor by treating your shoes to some brand new soles. we happy accept the challenge of repairing even your most worn out pair of shoes. Instead of continuing to ignore the fact that the soles of your favorite shoes are worn, thin, and possibly even falling apart, bring them into our shop. Price that is far lower than what it will cost you to buy replacement shoes at a retail shop. Using only quality materials combined with workmanship that is unsurpassed anywhere else in Rochester, NY, Our services will soon have your shoes feeling like new. Visit our Repair Services today to breathe new life into your soles.


Shoe Dyeing and Recoloring Instead of searching for a pair of shoes in that perfect shade, let the experts at Sofia Shoe Repair Services dye or recolor your shoes for you. All you have to do is bring in a swatch, produce a photo, or describe the color you are looking for, and we can match nearly any hue or shade you want. Our Services, we cater to customers who: need to match shoes to a new dress (bridesmaids, this means you!) believe in making fashion statements want to revitalize old shoes and restore them to their original colors Regardless of why you need your shoes dyed or recolored, Our service is here to help. Call today or come in to meet with one of our shoe repair experts, and discover why so many people in the Rochester, NY area continue to choose us for all of their shoe dyeing and recoloring needs.


Heels are the ultimate way to dress up any outfit. With the celebrity styles that we offer in the stores, you will be sure to find the right pair that will transform outfit to look as if you have just walked off the runway. High heels can always fit for any party dress, cocktail dress, formal dress or casual dress. All celebrities know the secret and wear heels with everything from bathing suits to her Oscar dress. These styles will make you look like you borrowed your shoes from her shoe closet.